New apodid holothurians (Holothurioidea, Apodida) from the New Caledonian continental slope collected during "BIOGEOCAL" expedition 1987


en Zoosystema 19 (1) - Pages 15-26

Published on 08 April 1997

This report contains a taxonomic note on the genera Taeniogyrus and Trochodota and a description of four new species of apodid holothurians, collected between 595 and 1675 m. depth from the Loyalty Islands basin, New Caledonia: Trochodota neocaledonica n.sp., Rynkatorpa coriolisi n.sp., Labidoplax georgii n.sp., and Prototrochus belyaevi n.sp. Another specimen is described as Myriotrochus sp.


Apodid holothurians, new species, continental slope, New Caledonia.

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