Nematode parasites of marine fishes from Kuwait, with a description of Cucullanus trachinoti n.sp. from Trachinotus blochi

Annie J. PETTER & Otto SEY

en Zoosystema 19 (1) - Pages 35-59

Published on 08 April 1997

A survey was made from October 1992 to September 1995 on nematodes parasitizing Kuwaiti fishes. Those most frequently encountered were anisakid larvae, with eleven different types: Anisakis simplex, Terranova sp. (one type), Contracaecum sp. (one type) and Hysterothylacium sp. (eight types, KA-KH). Moreover, two adult anisakids and nine other adult and larval species were found: Iheringascaris inquies in Rachycentron canadum; Hysterothylacium reliquens in Acanthopagrus berda, Epinephelus tauvina, Ilisha elongata, Plotosus anguillaris, Polydactylus sextarius, Pseudorhombus arsius, Synaptura orientalis, Therapon puta and Trachinotus blochi; Cucullanus trachinoti n.sp. in Trachinotus blochi; Cucullanus armatus in Arius thalassinus; Cucullanus sp. in Caranx kalla; Dichelyne (D .) exiguus in Otolithes argenteus; Dichelyne (D .) sp. in Lutjanus coccineus; Ascarophis sp. in Plectorhinchus sp.; Philometra globiceps in Caranx kalla; Echinocephalus sp. larvae in Argyrops filamentosus, Pseudorhombus arsius and Trachinotus blochi and sp. larvae in Trichiurus lepturus. All species are described except for Anisakis simplex larvae, Iheringascaris inquies and Philometra globiceps.


nematodes, marine fishes, Kuwait, Cucullanus trachinoti n.sp.

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