Inventory of Cenozoic radiolarian species (Class Polycystinea) – 1834-2020

Luis O'DOGHERTY, Noritoshi SUZUKI, Jean-Pierre CAULET & Paulian DUMITRICA

en Geodiversitas 44 (5) - Pages 75-205

Published on 03 February 2022

This article is a part of the thematic issue Catalog of Cenozoic radiolarians

This paper presents, for the first time ever, a complete list of Cenozoic Polycystinea reported between 1834 and 2020. It records 6898 names of taxa originally described as new species or subspecies, assigned to the Class of Polycystinea, the most important group in the infraphylum Radiolaria. This list only attempts to provide an objective record of available and unavailable names, the latter including nomina oblita, nomina nuda, homonyms, invalid nomenclatorial acts, species wrongly described as Polycystinea and nomina dubia species with inexistent name-bearing specimens.


Radiolaria, Cenozoic, taxonomic revision, systematics, biostratigraphy, type species

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