Parabintoniella papierae n. gen., n. sp., a new Triassic representative of the Bintoniellidae, a poorly known extinct family of Orthoptera (Insecta)


en Geodiversitas 44 (21) - Pages 603-608

Published on 23 June 2022

A new species of stem-Orthoptera, Parabintoniella papierae n. gen., n. sp., is described from the Grès à Voltzia Formation (Middle Triassic) of the Vosges (France). This new species, represented by two forewings, can be confidently assigned to the Mesozoic family Bintoniellidae, but it differs from the known representatives by its unique combination of character states, including a simple MA and numerous branches of CuA+CuPaα. The size difference between the two forewings is probably due to sexual dimorphism. This discovery complements our knowledge of the disparity of the various stem-groups of Orthoptera which emerged during the Permian and became extinct during the Mesozoic.


Fossil insect, Middle Triassic, Grès à Voltzia, Vosges, France, Madygen, Kyrgyzstan, new genus, new species

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