Trophic position of some Late Devonian-Carboniferous (Mississippian) conodonts revealed on carbon organic matter isotope signatures: a case study of the East European basin


en Geodiversitas 42 (24) - Pages 443-453

Published on 15 October 2020

An isotopic investigation of organic matter of the Late Devonian-Carboniferous (Mississippian) conodont elements of various morphology was carried out. δ13Corg values of conodont elements measured in this study range from -32.6‰ to -22.4‰, with an average value of –26.1 ± 4.8‰. The study taxa represent four types of conodont apparatus, which differ one from another by morphology of P1 elements. In spite of apparently different morphology all the studied conodonts possess close δ13Corg values. Taxonomic control on the carbon isotope composition is insufficient as well. High consistency of the carbon isotope composition of conodont organic matter suggests that the Late Devonian and Carboniferous (Mississippian) conodonts occupied similar trophic levels. Quite low δ13Corg values in conodont organic matter allow supposing that conodonts were low level consumers, probably seston and plankton feeders.


Conodonts, Late Devonian, Mississippian, δ13Corg, palaeoecology, trophic position

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