An appraisal of the Middle-Late Miocene fossil decapod crustaceans of the 'Faluns' (Anjou-Touraine, France)


en Geodiversitas 41 (9) - Pages 367-383

Published on 25 April 2019

A detailed report of the decapod crustaceans discovered in the Middle-Late Miocene outcrops of the ‘Faluns’ of Anjou-Touraine (West of France) is here presented. The Couffon’s compendium (1908) is reviewed, and the systematics updated. A total of seven genera and eight species of eubrachyuran crabs, undetermined chelae, and one anomuran species, are reported. The varied decapod assemblage, dominated by Pilumnus mediterraneus (Lőrenthey, 1897), shows clear affinity with coeval decapod faunas from the Mediterranean and Paratethys realm. This fauna dwelt in a shallow warm and agitated environment of bryozoan meadows. The age of Hebertides jurassica Guinot, De Angeli & Garassino, 2007, is confirmed, and the probable provenance of the holotype is suggested. We also discuss the generic status of Scylla michelini A. Milne-Edwards, 1861 transferred herein to Necronectes A. Milne-Edwards, 1881.


Decapoda, Brachyura, Paratethys, Mediterranean, Miocene, Faluns

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