Two poorly known species of Foraminifera: Polystomella minuta Reuss, 1865 from the Oligocene of Germany (Bavaria) and P. falunica Allix, 1913 from the Miocene of western France (Touraine). Designation of a neotype for P. falunica

Jean-Pierre MARGEREL & Armelle POIGNANT

en Geodiversitas 40 (19) - Pages 497-504

Published on 27 September 2018

The type specimens of Polystomella minuta Reuss, 1865, have not been found in the Reuss collection of the Museum of Vienna. No topotypic specimen is known and all the subsequent designations of this species in the Oligocene and Miocene are misidentifications. Polystomella falunica Allix, 1913, was discovered again in 1968, and cited in 1980, 1989, 1997, 2009 by one of the authors of this study (JPM) and also a few others (see furthers). It is present in the upper Oligocene of the Paratethys and frequent in the Miocene of France and Paratethys, rare in the Pliocene of France. A neotype is here selected and described.


Foraminifers, Germany, France, Paratethys, neotypification

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