Biodiversité des coraux scléractiniaires du Langhien (Badénien, Miocène moyen) de Lăpugiu de Sus (Roumanie)

Christian CHAIX, Jean-Paul SAINT MARTIN, Didier MERLE, Simona SAINT MARTIN & Bruno CAZE

fr Geodiversitas 40 (14) - Pages 321-353

Published on 19 July 2018

Biodiversity of scleractinian corals from the Langhian (Badenian, Middle Miocene) deposits of Lăpugiu de Sus (Romania)

The deposit of Lăpugiu de Sus (South-West of Romania) is famous for the richness and diversity of the invertebrate fauna preserved wthin clayey-sandy layers from Langhian (Middle Miocene). Coral fauna is also very well represented here. On the basis of work done since the 19th century and new material sampling, a revision is proposed. It allows to establish a list of about 65 species of which 22 are newly reported. The environmental framework is discussed. The exceptional coral biodiversity of the deposit, unique for the Paratethys, is integrated in the palaeoclimatic and palaeogeographic framework.


Corals, Middle Miocene, Langhian, Paratethys, Roumanie, new records

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