Ostracods (Crustacea) of the Early-Middle Permian (Cisarulian-Guadalupian) from Central Thailand (Indochina Block): Part II, Orders Podocopida, Platycopida and Myodocopida

Anisong CHITNARIN, Sylvie CRASQUIN, Marie-Béatrice FOREL & Prachya TEPNARONG

en Geodiversitas 39 (4) - Pages 651-690

Published on 29 December 2017

In the present contribution, we report abundant Early to Middle Permian (Cisarulian-Guadalupian) marine ostracods of the Indochina block from Central Thailand. Twelve localities in the Loei, Phetchabun, and Nakhon Sawan-Lopburi areas were investigated and limestone samples were collected. Out of 135 samples collected, 82 yielded abundant and nicely preserved ostracods. In a first paper, 39 species of 20 genera belonging to Order Palaeocopida were already described. Here is the second part of the ostracod fauna description with 91 species of the orders Podocopida, Platycopida and Myodocopida. Fourteen species are new and described here: Bairdia khaokanaensis Chitnarin, n. sp., Bairdia incisedorsa Chitnarin, n. sp. Bairdia fontainei Chitnarin, n. sp., Bairdia songthami Chitnarin, n. sp., Bairdia grotei Chitnarin, n. sp., Petasobairdia campbelli Chitnarin, n. sp., Fabalicypris hathaithipae Chitnarin, n. sp., Silenites sureeae Chitnarin, n. sp., Acratia chongpani Chitnarin, n. sp., Acratia mongkoli Chitnarin, n. sp., Liuzhinia naramasei Chitnarin, n. sp., Baschkirina ruchae Chitnarin, n. sp., Basslerella wipanuae Chitnarin, n. sp., Basslerella naresi Chitnarin, n. sp. An analysis of the palaeogeographic affinities of the recovered ostracods shows close relationships with those found from South China Block on the Paleo-Tethys realm.

Ostracods, Podocopida, Platycopida, Myodocopida, Early-Middle Permian, Thailand, Indochina Block, new synonyms, new species
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