First record of the new Neoplanorbulinid species (Foraminifera) from the Early Oligocene in Turkey, Malatya Basin, Eastern Taurids


en Geodiversitas 39 (2) - Pages 273-284

Published on 30 June 2017

The genus Neoplanorbulinella Matsumaru, 1976 was firstly identified in the Lower Miocene of Saipan and Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific. The present paper reports on its occurrence in the Lower Oligocene of Malatya Basin (Eastern Taurids, East Turkey). Neoplanorbulinella is characterized by a conical test, having several sized equatorial chambers irregularly arranged around the cone, and lateral chambers underdeveloped in umbilical cavity. The new planorbulinid species, namely Neoplanorbulinella matsumarui n. sp. and Neoplanorbulinella malatyaensis n. sp., are recorded in the Muratlı Formation (Malatya Basin, Turkey), which is dated to the Rupelian-early Chattian. The new species are associated to an assemblage of the SB 21-22 larger foraminiferal zone. The new species are described, and their affinities are discussed.


Foraminifera, Systematics, Oligocene, Malatya Basin, Turkey, new species.

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