New stalked and sessile cirripedes from the Eocene Mo Clay, northwest Jutland (Denmark)

René-Pierre CARRIOL, Niels BONDE, Sten L. JAKOBSEN & Jens T. HØEG

en Geodiversitas 38 (1) - Pages 21-32

Published on 25 March 2016

New taxa of thoracican cirripedes are recorded from the Eocene Mo Clay of northwest Jutland, Denmark, namely Stipilepas molerensis Carriol n. gen., n. sp., a scalpelliform gooseneck barnacle, and Plesiobrachylepas jutlandica Carriol n. gen., n. sp., a brachylepadomorph sessile form. This material is of importance in that the former not only represents the first extinct example of the tribe Ashinkailepadini, it also is the second fossil neolepadine, while the latter adds to the diversity of the family Brachylepadidae, which previously embraced only three genera. The geological context of these taxa is outlined and their phylogenetic interest discussed.


Barnacles, Phylogeny, Eocene, northern Europe, new genus, new species

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