Bryozoan fauna from the Mississippian (Visean) of Roque Redonde (Montagne Noire, southern France)

Andrej ERNST, Patrick N. WYSE JACKSON & Markus ARETZ

en Geodiversitas 37 (2) - Pages 151-213

Published on 26 June 2015

A bryozoan fauna from the Mississippian (Visean) of Roque Redonde (Montagne Noire, southern France), contains 38 species (12 cystoporates, 2 trepostomes, 6 cryptostomes [rhabdomesines], and 18 fenestrates). Of them 9 are new: Fistulipora tolokonnikovae n. sp., Dybowskiella rotunda n. sp., Dybowskiella piriforme n. sp., Eridopora suarezi n. sp., Volgia deftera n. sp., Cystodictya gallensis n. sp., Megacanthopora enodata n. sp., Fabifenestella macrofenestrata n. sp., and Baculopora redon­densis n. sp. Beside them, one new genus with a new species is established: Gorjunopora gallica n. gen., n. sp. Furthermore, 23 species characteristic of the Mississippian of Eurasia and North America were identified. The bryozoan species show various palaeobiogeographic connections. The closest connections are to the Mississippian (Visean) of the British Isles and the Russian Platform. Moreover, some connections to the Mississippian of Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Kuznets Basin, North America and Kazakhstan can be traced. The studied bryozoan assemblage is represented mainly by delicate growth forms and suggests a calm water environment.


Mississippien, bryozoaires, taxonomie, Sud de le France, paléobiogéographie, combinaison nouvelle, genre nouveau, espèces nouvelles

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