Revision of the Oligocene bryozoan taxa described by Stoliczka (1862), with the description of a new genus of Bryocryptellidae


en Geodiversitas 36 (4) - Pages 541-564

Published on 26 December 2014

A collection of bryozoans from the Oligocene of Latdorf, Germany, first described by Ferdinand Stoliczka in 1862 and not examined since, has been re-examined. Stoliczka had recognized 47 species, 24 of them new. Of these latter, 14 names remain valid; the remainder are synonyms of previously described taxa or, owing to the originally inadequate state of the fossil material examined, taxonomically indeterminable. The genera Orbitulipora Stoliczka, 1862 and Stichoporina Stoliczka, 1862, both introduced by Stoliczka in 1862 along with their type species, are still valid. Two of his species, one of which had not been examined since its first description, comprise a new bryocryptellid genus, Stoliczkella n. gen., which superficially resembles the celleporid genus Galeopsis Jullien & Calvet, 1903. Diagnoses or descriptions are provided herein for all of the taxa in the collection and lectotypes selected. The results of this revision will be applied to a forthcoming analysis of a recent extended excavation of the Latdorf section by the University of Leipzig, in which bryozoans are among the most abundant fossil groups.


Bryozoa, Oligocene, Germany, lectotypification, new genus, new combinations.

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