A new fossil genus of Fuziidae (Insecta, Blattida) from the Middle Jurassic of Jiulongshan Formation, China

Dandan WEI, Junhui LIANG & Dong REN

en Geodiversitas 35 (2) - Pages 335-343

Published on 28 June 2013

Colorifuzia agenora n. gen., n. sp., attributed to the family Fuziidae Vršanský, Liang & Ren, 2009 is described from the Middle Jurassic of Jiulongshan Formation in Daohugou Village (Inner Mongolia, China). The new species is the first representative of the family with distinct pattern of coloration, indicating Fuziidae was able to adapt to diverse environments in this locality during the Middle Jurassic. Plesiomorphic characters such as considerably wide body, forewing large, coloration markings suggest Colorifuzia n. gen as a comparatively plesiomorphic taxon among Fuziidae.


Blattaria, Blattida, Blattodea, Fuziidae, Jiulongshan Formation, China, Middle Jurassic, new genus, new species

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