Pannonictis nestii (Galictinae, Mustelidae), a new element in the vertebrate association of the human site of Pirro Nord (Italy, Early Pleistocene)

Simone COLOMBERO, Marco PAVIA & Lorenzo ROOK

en Geodiversitas 34 (3) - Pages 665-681

Published on 28 September 2012

Systematic excavations in the Early Pleistocene site of Pirro Nord (Apulia, southern Italy) yielded some remains of a relatively rare mustelid belonging to the subfamily of Galictinae Reig, 1956. The taxonomy of extinct genera within this clade is controversial, especially between Pannonictis Kormos, 1931 and Enhydrictis Forsyth-Major, 1901. Nevertheless, the Pirro Nord findings are very similar to the holotype of Pannonictis nestii (Martelli, 1906) from Upper Valdarno, and closely related to the specimens from Pietrafitta and Atapuerca.

Keywords :

Mustelidae, Pannonictis, Early Pleistocene, Pirro Nord, Italy

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