Pannonictis nestii (Galictinae, Mustelidae), a new element in the vertebrate association of the human site of Pirro Nord (Italy, Early Pleistocene)

Simone COLOMBERO, Marco PAVIA & Lorenzo ROOK

en Geodiversitas 34 (3) - Pages 665-681

Published on 28 September 2012

Systematic excavations in the Early Pleistocene site of Pirro Nord (Apulia, southern Italy) yielded some remains of a relatively rare mustelid belonging to the subfamily of Galictinae Reig, 1956. The taxonomy of extinct genera within this clade is controversial, especially between Pannonictis Kormos, 1931 and Enhydrictis Forsyth-Major, 1901. Nevertheless, the Pirro Nord findings are very similar to the holotype of Pannonictis nestii (Martelli, 1906) from Upper Valdarno, and closely related to the specimens from Pietrafitta and Atapuerca.


Mustelidae, Pannonictis, Early Pleistocene, Pirro Nord, Italy

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