Early Permian insects from Saar-Nahe Basin of Odernheim town site, Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany (Insecta, Grylloblattida, Blattinopseida)

Jakub PROKOP, Klaus-Dieter WEIß, Roger-Paul DECHAMBRE & André NEL

en Geodiversitas 34 (2) - Pages 271-281

Published on 29 June 2012

New insect fossils from Early Permian lacustrine deposits of Odernheim town site (Saar-Nahe Basin, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany) are attributed to Euryptilonidae (Grylloblattida) and Blattinopsidae (stem group of Dictyoptera). Oborella germanica n. sp. is based on fore- and hindwing venation pointing out difficulties of generic separation between Blania Kukalová, 1964 and Oborella Kukalová, 1964. In addition, as first revisors of the genus Blania, we consider it as a junior synonym of Oborella, because the holotype of the type species O. matura Kukalová, 1964 is a better preserved specimen than that of Blania. We also describe another species, Oborella brauckmanni n. sp. Two Blattinopsidae are also described but not named for their incomplete state of preservation, although one is related to Glaphyrophlebia and could well correspond to a new species for its very long stem of posterior radius.


Euryptilonidae, Blattinopsidae, Oborella, Blania, Early Permian, Germany, new synonymy, new species

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