Multicuspidate shark teeth associated with chondrichthyan and acanthodian scales from the Emsian (Devonian) of southern Algeria

Claire DERYCKE & Daniel GOUJET

en Geodiversitas 33 (2) - Pages 209-226

Published on 30 June 2011

Previously undescribed Emsian vertebrates from southern Algeria (southern Ahaggar) include a new chondrichthyan Tassiliodus lessardi n. gen., n. sp. with multicuspidate teeth and scales with a distinctive histology. Th is is the first Emsian chondrichthyan taxon reported from the north-western margin of Gondwana. Rare acanthodian scales are assigned to Milesacanthus cf. ancestralis Burrow, Lelièvre & Janjou, 2006, an Emsian species also known from Saudi Arabia, reinforcing the Gondwanan faunal affinity.


Chondrichthyes, Acanthodii, teeth, scales, Devonian, Algeria, south Ahaggar, new species, new genus

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