Paléobotanique et Paléopalynologie : nouvelles avancées


fr Geodiversitas 33 (1) - Pages 5-10

Published on 31 March 2011

This article is a part of the thematic issue Paleobotany and Paleopalynology: new advances

Paleobotany and Paleopalynology: new advances

This special issue, compiling a set of articles dealing with Paleobotany and Paleopalynology recently submitted to Geodiversitas reflects, for the half part, oral presentations delivered at 16th International Congress of the "Organisation Francophone de Paléobotanique" (9-11 September 2009). They allow to focus on some selected aspects of current researches on these topics. New advances dealing with works on fossil woods; macrofloras preserved as impressions, compressions and permineralisations; microfloras and morphometric approach on fossil fruits, with all their implications, are then provided all together to the scientific international community.


paleobotany, paleopalynology, new advances

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