Discovery of a Lochkovian flora (Lower Devonian) in the Iberian Peninsula


en Geodiversitas 33 (1) - Pages 33-41

Published on 31 March 2011

This article is a part of the thematic issue Paleobotany and Paleopalynology: new advances

The Lower Devonian represents an important episode in plant life history, which was marked by the diversification of land plants. Unfortunately, remains of early Devonian plants in the Iberian Peninsula are scarce. In the present paper, we describe a small assemblage of early land plants from the Lochkovian (Lower Devonian) of the Teruel Province in Spain. The main element consists of Taeniocrada-like sterile stems that are predominantly dichotomous and ribbon-like with a narrow central strand. An unidentified fossil formed by dichotomous axes together with an uncertain globular structure were also observed. This finding increases our knowledge of the palaeogeographical distribution of early land plants.


Lower Devonian, Lochkovian, Taeniocrada-like stems, Spain

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