Description des rhyncholites des Nautiles (Mollusca, Cephalopoda) du Paléogène des bassins de Paris et d'Aquitaine et des Corbières (France)

Jean-Michel PACAUD

fr Geodiversitas 32 (1) - Pages 121-156

Published on 30 March 2010

Description of the rhyncholites of Nautiloid (Mollusca, Cephalopoda) from the Paleogene of the Paris and Aquitaine basins and Corbières (France)

Rhyncholites are reported for the first time in the Paleogene of Paris and Aquitaine basins and Corbières (France). The study of around 30 specimens allows to identify 11 species attributed to the genus Rhyncolites Biguet, 1819: Rhyncolites guanensis n. sp. from Ypresian (Cuisian, lower Eocene), R. shinfieldensis Ward & Cooper, 1972, R. aethioparion Ward & Cooper, 1972, R. corbaricus n. sp., R. foncouvertensis n. sp. and R. martinezi n. sp. from Ypresian (Ilerdian, lower Eocene), R. vilcassinus n. sp., R. sagittarius n. sp. and R. lhommei n. sp. from the Lutetian (middle Eocene) of the Paris basin and R. aturensis n. sp. from the Chattian (upper Oligocene). This work is also the occasion to describe a species from the Thanetian (late Paleocene) of Spain, R. erroitegiensis n. sp. The rhyncholite Rhynchoteuthis dutemplei d'Orbigny, 1847 from the Campanian (upper Cretaceous) from Chavot (Marne) had been lost by d'Orbigny before he can give a detailed description and figures. The holotype by monotypy, validated by a simple indication, was found in the d'Orbigny collection. We give a description and figures of this species which we assign to the genus Rhyncolites.


Rhyncholite, Mollusca, Cephalopoda, Late Cretaceous, Eocene, Oligocene, France, Europe, new combination, new species

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