"Rediscovery" of Paul Gervais' paleohistological collection

Armand de RICQLÈS, Philippe TAQUET & Vivian de BUFFRÉNIL

en Geodiversitas 31 (4) - Pages 943-971

Published on 31 December 2009

This article is a part of the thematic issue Louis de Bonis: 50 years of paleontological research on mammals

Paul Gervais (1816-1879) developed an obvious interest for paleohistological researches during the latest phase of his career at the National Museum of Natural History, in Paris (Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy) and produced a collection of thin sections of extant and fossil eggshells, teeth and bone, although he did not published much on the subject. Current curatorial efforts have unveiled remains of this collection which is presented and assessed herewith.


Paleohistology, fossil bones and teeth tissues, history of sciences, mammals.

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