Cyclostome bryozoans from the Kimmeridgian (Upper Jurassic) of Poland

Urszula HARA & Paul D. TAYLOR

en Geodiversitas 31 (3) - Pages 555-575

Published on 30 September 2009

Few bryozoans have been described from Kimmeridgian deposits worldwide. A fauna of cyclostome bryozoans is described here for the first time from two localities in the Lower Kimmeridgian of the Holy Cross Mountains of Poland. Containing eight species, all encrusting, it represents the most diverse Kimmeridgian bryozoan fauna yet discovered. Two of the species are new, Reptoclausa radwanskii n. sp. and Hyporosopora radomensis n. sp. The record of Reptoclausa helps to bridge the gap between Aalenian and Hauterivian occurrences of this genus.


Bryozoa, Upper Jurassic, Kimmeridgian, Poland

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