Amber, plant and vertebrate fossils from the Lower Cenomanian paralic facies of Aix Island (Charente-Maritime, SW France)

Didier NÉRAUDEAU, Romain VULLO, Bernard GOMEZ, Vincent GIRARD, Malvina LAK, Blaise VIDET, Éric DÉPRÉ & Vincent PERRICHOT

en Geodiversitas 31 (1) - Pages 13-27

Published on 27 March 2009

This article is a part of the thematic issue Cretaceous ambers from southwestern France: geology, taphonomy, and palaeontology

Lower Cenomanian paralic facies outcrop widely on Aix Island (CharenteMaritime, France). Since the beginning of the 19th century, there has been repeated mentions of abundant fossil wood and amber from this locality, with particular focus on the wood when amber remained poorly studied. New investigations beginning 8 years ago have led to the discovery of additional fossil material, including vertebrate remains and the first fossil amber inclusions. This paper provides a sedimentological, stratigraphical and palaeontological description of the local Lower Cenomanian section, and the fossil assemblages are discussed in a wider palaeoenvironmental context.


Amber, lignite, conifers, Selachians, Reptiles, Cenomanian, Charente-Maritime, SW France

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