Nouveautés nomenclaturales et taxinomiques introduites par Alcide d'Orbigny dans le Prodrome (1850, 1852) pour les espèces du Paléocène et de l'Éocène

Jean-Michel PACAUD

fr Geodiversitas 29 (1) - Pages 17-85

Published on 30 March 2007

Nomenclatural and taxonomic novations introduced by Alcide d’Orbigny in the Prodrome (1850, 1852) for the Paleocene and Eocene species

The complete list of nomenclatural and taxinonomic novations of Paleocene and Eocene invertebrates introduced in 1850 and 1852 by Alcide d’Orbigny in the Prodrome is published for the first time. This novelties are reviewed critically. The list consists of 261 taxa: 3 new genus, 149 new species and including 42 new species, erroneously identified as other species. New names are proposed for 108 species where primary and secondary homonymy was occuring and 187 species are still valid. Lectotypes are designated for the following taxa: Rissoa submarginata, Cerithium subquadrisulcatus, C. vapicense, Natica athleta, Rostellaria athleta, Cerithium subclavus, Fusus subscalarinus, Tiphis parisiensis, Fusus subficulneus, Voluta auvertiana, V. pseudolyra, Mitra terebelloides, Terebra nereis, Helix rillysensis, Nucula levesquei, Limopsis subgranulatus, Avicula levesquei, Crassatella subsulcata, C. subtumida, Lucina subdivaricata, Corbis subpectunculus, Solen subvaginoides, Donax levesquei, Arcopagia lamottensis, A. levesquei, Tellina cuisensis, T. oceani, Pholas orbignyana, Trochocyathus rouyanus. A neotype is designated for Cerithium spinosum Deshayes, 1833. Melanatria guanensis n. sp. of Ypresian (Early Eocene) from Gan (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and Melanatria mapeulensis n. sp. of Maastrichtian (Cretaceous) from Kouh Mapeul (Iran) are introduced, Cardium suzannae n. nom. and Paratrochocyathus chaixi n. nom. are respectively proposed as replacement names for Cardium nicense Bellardi, 1852 non Cardium niciense d’Orbigny, 1850 and Trochocyathus alpinus d’Orbigny, 1850 non Michelin, 1847, the subgenus Pseudocepatia Magne & Vergneau-Saubade, 1973 is synonymised with Cepatia Gray, 1842.


Mollusca, Brachiopoda, Bryozoa, Echinodermata, Anthozoa, Porifera, Paleocene, Eocene, d’Orbigny collection, new names

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