Une nouvelle espèce, Cuvillierina courmae n. sp. (Foraminifera), de l'Éocène inférieur (Cuisien) de Gazik (est de l'Iran)


fr Geodiversitas 28 (2) - Pages 189-197

Published on 30 June 2006

A new species, Cuvillierina courmae n. sp. (Foraminifera), from the lower Eocene (Cuisian) of the Gazik area (eastern Iran)

A new species of the genus Cuvillierina Debourle, 1955 (family Rotaliidae), Cuvillierina courmae n. sp., is described. This species was discovered in an early Eocene (Cuisian) allochthonous carbonate formation in eastern Iran. This species is compared with the other species of the genus: C. soezerii (Sirel, 1973), C. sireli (Inan, 1988), C. yarzai (Ruiz de Gaona, 1948) and C. vallensis (Ruiz de Gaona, 1948). The distinctive characters of this new species are a large test, a large number of chambers and the development of canal systems.


Foraminifera, Rotaliidae, benthic foraminifer, Iran, chain of eastern Iran, Soulabest radiolarites, early Eocene, Cuvillierina courmae n. sp., new species

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