Chalicotheriidae (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) from the late Miocene of Akkaşdağı, Turkey

Gerçek SARAÇ & Sevket SEN

en Geodiversitas 27 (4) - Pages 591-600

Published on 31 December 2005

This article is a part of the thematic issue Geology, mammals and environments at Akkașdağı, late Miocene of Central Anatolia

Among over 5000 large mammalian remains collected at Akkaşdağı, only three specimens belong to a Chalicotheriidae, Ancylotherium pentelicum (Gaudry & Lartet, 1856). The juvenile skull resembles the one from Hadjidimovo-1 in Bulgaria. A duplex bone and a calcaneum were also found. All these specimens, although similar in morphology, are about 10% smaller than the adult individuals from Pikermi (Greece) which is the type locality of A. pentelicum. The occurrence of this species at Akkaşdağı confirms once more the presence of an open woodland bioprovince from Greece to Afghanistan during the Turolian.


Chalicotheriidae, Ancylotherium, late Miocene, Akkaşdağı, Central Anatolia, Turkey

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