A new species of Caproidae (Acanthomorpha, Teleostei) from the Messinian (upper Miocene) of Oran (Algeria)

Dorin-Sorin BACIU, Alexandre Fedorovich BANNIKOV & Francesco SANTINI

en Geodiversitas 27 (3) - Pages 381-390

Published on 30 September 2005

The boarfish Capros arambourgi n. sp. (Acanthomorpha, Caproidae) is described from the marine upper Miocene (Messinian, 5.6-5 Ma) of Algeria and Italy. Examination of several late Miocene boarfish specimens from the Messinian of the Mediterranean basin – from Oran (Algeria), Gabbro and Mondaino (Italy) – that had been previously described as the Recent Capros Aper (Linnaeus, 1758) indicates that the Messinian boarfish differs from C. aper by a lower number of soft rays in the dorsal and anal fins as well as a more posterior position of the anterior angle of the supraoccipital crest.


Acanthomorpha, Caproidae, Capros arambourgi n. sp., Messinian, Algeria, new species

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