Tragoportax Pilgrim, 1937 and Miotragocerus Stromer, 1928 (Mammalia, Bovidae) from the Turolian of Hadjidimovo, Bulgaria, and a revision of the late Miocene Mediterranean Boselaphini


en Geodiversitas 26 (2) - Pages 339-370

Published on 25 June 2004

A taxonomic revision of the late Miocene Boselaphini is proposed on the basis of the description of abundant Turolian material from the locality of Hadjidimovo, Bulgaria. The genus Tragoportax Pilgrim, 1937 as usually understood is divided into two genera – Tragoportax and Miotragocerus Stromer, 1928 – the latter itself divided into two subgenera – M. (Miotragocerus) Stromer, 1928 and M. (Pikermicerus) Kretzoi, 1941. The sexual dimorphism and the paleoecology of the taxa are discussed as well as the taphonomy of Tragoportax from Hadjidimovo.


Mammalia, Bovidae, Boselaphini, Tragoportax, Miotragocerus, Pikermicerus, late Miocene, Bulgaria, taphonomy, ecology

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