Xylaspis n. nov., a new name for Spitsbergaspis Pernègre, 2003, not Spitsbergaspis Pribyl & Vanek, 1980

Vincent Noël PERNÈGRE

en Geodiversitas 26 (1) - Pages 157-158

Published on 26 March 2004

We recently proposed the generic name of Spitsbergaspis for a Pteraspidiformes species (Vertebrata, Heterostraci), Spitsbergaspis prima Pernègre, 2003, from the Lower Devonian of Spitsbergen (Pernègre 2003). However, this name is a secondary homonym of Spitsbergaspis Pribyl & Vanek, 1980, used as subgenus name for the genus Hypermecaspis Harrington & Leanza, 1957 (Arthropoda, Trilobita) (Pribyl & Vanek 1980). The principle of homonymy is applicable to all genus-group names (ICZN 1999), we propose here the name Xylaspis n. nov. in replacement of Spitsbergaspis Pernègre, 2003, with type species Spitsbergaspis prima Pernègre, 2003.

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