Le Crétacé moyen de la chaîne des Palmyrides (Syrie centrale)

Mikhail MOUTY, Ahmad Khaled AL-MALEH & Hicham Abou LABAN

fr Geodiversitas 25 (3) - Pages 429-443

Published on 26 September 2003

The Middle Cretaceous in the Palmyrides chain (Central Syria)

Biostratigraphical, lithostratigraphical and sedimentological studies of the Mid-Cretaceous series of the Palmyrides chain (Central Syria) yield new stratigraphical data for this region. This thick sedimentary series is now subdivided in stages and sub-stages. Several measured sections and lithostratigraphic data enable us to correlate sequences from the Palmyrides chain with those of neighbouring regions. The sedimentological study enables us to follow the lateral and vertical evolution of Middle Cretaceous environments in Palmyrides chain and to reconstruct the paleogeography of this region during this epoch. Our biostratigraphic results from these Palmyrides series are in good agreement with those of the same ages in the Mediterranean area. A correlation of the Mid-Cretaceous series with the adjacent area of Routbah in Iraq indicates that the Hamad Uplift which existed during the Jurassic period between the Palmyrean basin to the north-west and the Routbah basin to the south-east persisted in the Middle Cretaceous.


Mid-Cretaceous, Palmyrides, Syria, bio-lithostratigraphy, sedimentary environments

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