Un nouveau genre de Pteraspidiformes (Vertebrata, Heterostraci) de la Formation de Wood Bay (Dévonien inférieur, Spitsberg)

Vincent Noël PERNÈGRE

fr Geodiversitas 25 (2) - Pages 261-272

Published on 27 June 2003

A new Pteraspidiformes genus (Vertebrata, Heterostraci) from the Wood Bay Formation (Lower Devonian, Spitsbergen)

Spitsbergaspis prima n. gen., n. sp. is a new representative of the Pteraspidiformes; it is present only in Spitsbergen, in the Sigurdfjellet faunal division which represents the base of the Wood Bay Formation (Lower Devonian). This new genus presents original characters such as an ornamentation that changes on the same disc (dorsal and ventral), a lack of dorsal spine and a special pattern of its sensory line canals on the dorsal disc. After discussion and comparison of numerous characters with those of other Pteraspidiformes, it appears that Spitsbergaspis n. gen. is a representative of the family Protaspididae but closely related to some representatives of the family Pteraspididae.


Pteraspidiformes, Protaspididae, Lower Devonian, Wood Bay Formation, Spitsbergen, new genus, new species

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