Palaeoreas lindermayeri (Wagner, 1848) (Mammalia, Bovidae) from the upper Miocene of Bulgaria, and a revision of the species


en Geodiversitas 25 (2) - Pages 405-415

Published on 27 June 2003

Palaeoreas lindermayeri (Wagner, 1848) is represented in the upper Miocene of Hadjidimovo-1 (Bulgaria) by what may be the largest known sample of a fossil Bovid species from a single locality. The size of the animals is on the average larger than at the type locality, Pikermi, but the biochronological usefulness of size and other inter-populational differences remain, in our opinion, doubtful, in spite of the restricted geographic range of the species. P. lindermayeri was probably a gregarious and territorial Bovid, perhaps similar to the blackbuck in its ecology and behavior, but it cannot be referred to any modern tribe.

Keywords :

Mammalia, Bovidae, Palaeoreas lindermayeri, upper Miocene, Bulgaria, revision

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