A ptychodontid (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) from the Upper Cretaceous of South America

Paulo Marques Machado BRITO & Philippe JANVIER

en Geodiversitas 24 (4) - Pages 785-790

Published on 27 December 2002

An articulated assemblage of chondrichthyan teeth remain, previously described by Larrazet (1886) as selachian dermal scutes from the Carboniferous of New Granada, is re-described as a Ptychodus sp. and turns out to be Cretaceous in age, presumably from the La Luna Formation of Colombia or Venezuela. This Ptychodus species seems to differ from all the other known ptychodontids by its homodontous dentition, tooth morphology and ornamentation, however we prefer not to erect a new taxon here until tooth morphology morphoclines become better known and help in the understanding of the phylogenetic relationships among chondrichthyans.


Chondrichthyes, Ptychodontidae, Upper Cretaceous, South America

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