Latest Hipparion Christol, 1832 in Europe. A review of the Pliocene Hipparion crassum Gervais Group and other finds (Mammalia, Equidae)


en Geodiversitas 24 (2) - Pages 465-486

Published on 28 June 2002

The mainly late Miocene equid genus Hipparion Christol, 1832 still occurred in the early and middle Pliocene of Eurasia. Known European finds are here reviewed; most are referred to a "H. crassum Group", chiefly because of their common dental morphology, but also on their limb bone proportions when known. The group may comprise more than one species, as indicated by metapodial proportions, but new taxa are not formally described, because of the paucity of the material mostly consisting of isolated teeth. Some other finds from the same period, sometimes referred to H. crassum Gervais, 1859 but of uncertain relationship, are discussed.


Mammalia, Equidae, Hipparion crassum Group, Pliocene, Europe

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