Taxonomie et paléoécologie de nouveaux ostracodes limniques Candonidae dans l'Oxfordien (Jurassique supérieur) du Portugal

Maria Cristina CABRAL & Jean-Paul COLIN

fr Geodiversitas 24 (1) - Pages 61-76

Published on 29 March 2002

Taxonomy and palaeoecology of new Candonidae limnic ostracodes from the Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) of Portugal

A new genus of limnic ostracode, Septacandona n. gen., belonging to the family Candonidae Kaufmann, 1900, subfamily Candoninae, as well as four new species, Septacandona azeredae n. gen., n. sp., Septacandona ramalhoi n. gen., n. sp., Septacandona multicostulata n. gen., n. sp., and Candona? parvissima n. sp. are described from the Oxfordian of Portugal. The genus Septacandona n. gen., ranging from Bajocian to the uppermost Cretaceous, differs from the other members of the family Candonidae in the presence of an internal vertical crest located ahead of the muscle scars. Ecological tolerance of the various species has evolved from euryhaline in the Bajocian to oligohaline and freshwater since the Oxfordian.


Crustacea, Ostracoda, Oxfordian, Upper Jurassic, Portugal, limnic environment, palaeoecology, new genus, new species

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