Philippe Matheron et Paul Gervais : deux pionniers de la découverte et de l'étude des os et des œufs de dinosaures de Provence (France)

Philippe TAQUET

fr Geodiversitas 23 (4) - Pages 611-623

Published on 28 December 2001

Philippe Matheron and Paul Gervais: two pioneers of the discovery and study of dinosaur bones and eggs from Provence (France)

Philippe Matheron was the first to describe dinosaur bones from Provence, and the first to discover in the history of paleontology dinosaur eggs. Paul Gervais used the shell fragments discovered by Matheron to take thin sections of dinosaur eggs for the first time. The different stages of these discoveries and works are retraced and the thin sections made by Gervais and found in the collections of the Muséum are figured for the first time.


Reptilia, Dinosauria, Maastrichtian, Cretaceous, Europe, France, Provence

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