Discovery of Prolibytherium magnieri Arambourg, 1961 (Artiodactyla, Climacoceratidae) in Egypt

Martin PICKFORD, Yousri Saad ATTIA & Medhat Said ABD EL GHANY

en Geodiversitas 23 (4) - Pages 647-652

Published on 28 December 2001

While searching for fossils from Wadi Moghara in the collections of the Egyptian Geological Museum, the authors came across some undescribed remains of Prolibytherium magnieri Arambourg, 1961. A brain case with attached frontal appendages (CGM 82975) has some matrix adhering to the bone which indicates that it is most probably from Wadi Moghara, although there is no documentary evidence as to its discovery locus. Some mandible fragments and postcranial elements which can be assigned to Prolibytherium Arambourg, 1961 on the basis of their size were collected from Wadi Moghara by R. Fourtau and others prior to 1920, but have remained undescribed. The fossils are sufficiently interesting to warrant description.


Artiodactyla, Ruminantia, Climacoceratidae, early Miocene, Egypt, biochronology

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