Les faunes de mammifères terrestres du Miocène moyen des Faluns du bassin de Savigné-sur-Lathan (France)


fr Geodiversitas 23 (3) - Pages 381-394

Published on 28 September 2001

The Middle Miocene land mammals fauna of the Savigné-sur-Lathan (France) basin

We give here, locality by locality, the lists of the terrestrial mammals we found in the Middle Miocene marine deposits (falun) of the Anjou to the North of the Loire river. These fossils are from three ages: in part they are contemporaneous with the falun (MN5); the majority is reworked from the continental sands (MN3) underlyng the falun and some are reworked from unknown MN2 deposit.


Mammals, Miocene, France, Anjou, stratigraphy

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