Hipparions (Mammalia, Equidae) du Miocène supérieur et du Pliocène de Salonique (Grèce), collection Arambourg et Puyhaubert (MNHN, Paris)

Samir ZOUHRI & Abelkhaleq BEN MOUSSA

fr Geodiversitas 22 (2) - Pages 269-292

Published on 30 June 2000

Hipparions (Mammalia, Equidae) from the Late Miocene and Pliocene of Saloniki (Greece), collection Arambourg and Puyhaubert (MNHN, Paris).

A detailed study of all skeletal elements (skull, teeth and limb bones) of hipparions from the different localities of Saloniki (Greece) confirms the presence of Hipparion dietrichi, 1941, Hipparion matthewi Abel, 1926 and probably Hipparion cf. mediterraneum Roth & Wagner, 1855 in this locality, together with Hipparion sp., a more robust and higher taxa. On the other hand, one other species is hereby evidenced: Hipparion cf. longipes from Karabouroun. The hipparions from Saloniki come from different stratigraphic levels of the late Vallesian (MN 10)? and Turolian (MN 11-MN 13). The locality of Karabouroun could be attributed to Pliocene (Ruscinian, MN 15).


Hipparion, Equidae, Perissodactyla, Mammalia, Late Miocene, Pliocene, Saloniki, Greece

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