Faugichthys loryi n. gen., n. sp. (Teleostei, Ichthyodectiformes) de l'Albien terminal (Crétacé inférieur marin) du vallon de la Fauge (Isère, France) et considérations sur la phylogénie des Ichthyodectidae


fr Geodiversitas 22 (1) - Pages 23-34

Published on 30 March 2000

Faugichthys loryi n.gen., n.sp. (Teleostei,Ichthyodectiformes) from Uppermost Albian (marine Early Cretaceous) of the Fauge Dale (Isère,France)with phylogenetic comments on Ichthyodectidae.

The authors describe a new Ichthyodectidae, Faugichthys loryi n.gen., n.sp., from the Uppermost Albian (Early Cretaceous) of the Fauge Dale (Isère, France). This new genus is defined by nine autapomorphies: a very broad and low skull, a wide parietal separating completely the two frontals as far as the ethmoid region,the orbitosphenoid contacting the lateral ethmoid, the anterior position of the basisphenoid, the sphenotics hidden by the frontals, the loss of the subtemporal fossa, the intercalar not forming a part of the hyomandibular facet,the loss of the epiotic crest and the backward protruding basioccipital.The phylogeny of the Ichthyodectidae is discussed. Within the family, Faugichthys appears apomorphic in regard to the genera Thrissops, Eubiodectes, Chirocentrites, Cladocyclus and Cooyoo, and is the plesiomorphic sister-group of a clade including the Ichthyodectinae (Ichthyodectes, Gillicus, Xiphactinus) and the Saurodontinae (Saurodon, Saurocephalus).


Teleostei, Ichthyodectidae, Faugichthys loryi, new taxa, Early Cretaceous, France, osteology, phylogeny

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