Early Norian Radiolaria from Cyprus

Nikita Yu. BRAGIN & Kirill A. KRYLOV

en Geodiversitas 21 (4) - Pages 539-569

Published on 24 December 1999

This article is a part of the thematic issue InterRad VIII, Paris/Bierville 8-13 septembre 1997

Lower Norian limestones from the Mamonia Complex, southwestern Cyprus, are characterized by diverse radiolarian assemblage. New taxa are described: Bulbocyrtium latum n. sp., Caphtorocyrtium tenerum n. gen., n. sp., Capnuchosphaera theloides minor n. ssp., Haeckelicyrtium (?) carterae n. sp., Kinyrosphaera trispinosa n. gen., n. sp., K. helicata n. gen., n. sp., Nabolella trispinosa n. sp., Whalenella robusta n. sp., and Xiphotheca (?) spinellifera n. sp.


Radiolaria, systematics, Triassic, Norian, Cyprus

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