Cuboctostylus n. gen., a new Late Cretaceous spicule-bearing spumellarian Radiolaria from southern Sakhalin (Russia)


en Geodiversitas 21 (4) - Pages 571-580

Published on 24 December 1999

This article is a part of the thematic issue InterRad VIII, Paris/Bierville 8-13 septembre 1997

A new spicule-bearing genus of Spumellaria (Radiolaria) Cuboctostylus, and three new species – Cuboctostylus kasinzovae, C. sakhalinensis, and C. trifurcatus, are described from the Late Cretaceous deposits of Sakhalin (Russia). This genus has many characters in common with the Lower-Middle Cretaceous genus Pyloctostylus Dumitrica, from which it differs essentially in having no pylome and the spicule centrally placed. The genus has also some characters in common with the Paleozoic family Polyentactiniidae and the Cenozoic family Orosphaeridae.


Radiolaria, Entactinaria, systematics, new taxa, Upper Cretaceous, Sakhalin, spicule

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