Restes de Rhabdodon (dinosaure ornithopode) de Transylvanie donnés par Nopcsa au Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle de Paris


fr Geodiversitas 21 (2) - Pages 157-166

Published on 24 June 1999

Description of some Rhabdodon remains (Dinosauria, Ornithopoda) from Transylvania, given by Nopsca to the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle (Paris)

Dinosaur remains from the Late Cretaceous of Transylvania have recently been found in the collections of the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle of Paris. The material consists of a dentary, a fragmentary scapula and two caudal vertebrae from the ornithopod Rhabdodon (Iguanodontia). This collection is a present of Baron Nopcsa to the Muséum made in 1923. It adds to the old collections of fossil reptiles from the Hateg Basin (Maastrichtian) kept at the museums of London and Budapest.


Dinosaur, ornithopod, Rhabdodon, Baron Nopcsa, Late Cretaceous, Transylvania

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