A new species of Calamagras Cope, 1873 (Serpentes, Boidae, Erycinae) from the early Eocene of Kirghizia

Igor G. DANILOV & Alexander O. AVERIANOV

en Geodiversitas 21 (1) - Pages 85-91

Published on 31 March 1999

A new erycine snake, Calamagras turkestanicus n.sp., known by about fifty trunk vertebrae is described from the early Eocene Andarak 2 locality, Kirghizia. It shows close similarity to C. gallicus Rage, 1977 from the early Eocene of France and C. primus Hecht, 1959 from the middle Eocene of the United States. New taxon represents the first reliable record of Calamagras from the Paleogene of Asia. The presence of Aniliidae, reported previously from the same locality, is not confirmed by new material.


Calamagras, Erycinae, Boidae, early Eocene, Kirghizia

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