Quelques données stratigraphiques sur le Permien inférieur du Salt Range (Pakistan)

Nayyer IQBAL, Jean BROUTIN, Alain IZART, Robert COQUEL, Daniel VACHARD & Syed Rafique HASAN BAQRI

fr Geodiversitas 20 (4) - Pages 723-730

Published on 30 December 1998

This article is a part of the thematic issue Peri-Tethy: stratigraphic correlations 2

Some stratigraphic data on the Early Permian of the Salt Range (Pakistan)

The palynological association at the base of the Warcha Formation would belong to the Kingiacolpites subcircularis biozone. The Warcha Formation would be dated the Sakmarian to Artinskian. From the Rajhastan in India in an autochtonous position to the Salt Range in an allochtonous position and to the Afghanistan extended a wide continental basin with some marine bands during the Early Permian on the North margin of the Gondwanaland fringing the Tethys.


Peri-Tethys, stratigraphy, palynology, Permian, Salt range, Pakistan

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