Le gisement de vertébrés pliocènes de Çalta, Ankara, Turquie. 10. Bovidae

Geneviève BOUVRAIN

fr Geodiversitas 20 (3) - Pages 467-485

Published on 30 September 1998

This article is a part of the thematic issue Pliocene vertebrate locality of Çalta, Ankara, Turkey

Pliocene vertebrate locality of Çalta, Ankara, Turkey. 10. Bovidae

The Pliocene mammal locality of Çalta (Turkey) has yielded five bovid genera. Gazella emili n.sp. shows close affinities with some gazelles from Central Asia, but the Turkish species has very specialised lengthened metapods. Tchaltacerus longicornis n.g. n.sp. shows caprine characters: wide projection of the rim of the orbits, wide basioccipital, short metapods. The third bovid, unfortunatly known by very few pieces, could be more or less closely related to Koufotragus bailloudi. A partial horn core and two mandibular fragments are close to Gazellospira. A mandible and one upper molar are assigned to Hippotragini. Tchaltacerus would have lived in quite mountainous areas, but the other bovids are open country dwellers.


Pliocene, Turkey, Mammalia, Bovidae

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