The Plio-Pleistocene artiodactyls (Vertebrata, Mammalia) of Macedonia 1. The fossiliferous site "Apollonia-1", Mygdonia basin of Greece


en Geodiversitas 19 (4) - Pages 845-875

Published on 23 December 1997

The artiodactyls from the early Pleistocene locality of Apollonia-1 (APL) are described and compared. The cervid Megaloceros sp., as well as the bovids Bison (Eobison) sp., Soergelia brigittae n.sp., Praeovibos sp., Pontoceros ambiguus mediterraneus n.ssp. and Caprinae indet. are recognized. A latest Villafranchian age (MNQ 20) could be suggested for the locality of Apollonia-1. The environment, during that time, has been reconstructed as a warm and dry period with seasonal rainfalls.


Artiodactyls, Cervidae, Bovidae, early Pleistocene, Apollonia-1, Greece

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