Palaeogeographic maps of Moscovian and Artinskian; contributions from the Netherlands


en Geodiversitas 19 (2) - Pages 229-234

Published on 24 June 1997

This article is a part of the thematic issue Peri-Tethy: stratigraphic correlations 1

Frequent marine bands in the Early Westphalian of the Netherlands are replaced by peat marshes followed upwards by a braided-river/fluvial-plain system in the late Westphalian-Stephanian. Sediments are limited to the depocenters Stephanian. Asselian to Artinskian deposits are represented by Lower Rotliegende volcanoclastic, basaltic volcanics and sediments of continental environment.

Keywords :

Westphalian, Stephanian, Lower Rotliegende, Variscan front, basins, tectofacies

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