Moscovian and Artinskian rocks in the frame of the cyclic Permo-Carboniferous deposits of the Carnic Alps and related areas

Gian Battista VAI & Corrado VENTURINI

en Geodiversitas 19 (2) - Pages 173-186

Published on 24 June 1997

This article is a part of the thematic issue Peri-Tethy: stratigraphic correlations 1

Guidelines and legend for the Moscovian and Artinskian maps to be produced within the Peri-Tethys Programme are presented. An updated review of the most important composite sections exposed in different parts of the Carnic Alps and drilled in the northern Adriatic Sea is presented. The sections spanning a large part of the Mid-Late Carboniferous to terminal Permian time interval are correlated so as to show the major sedimentary cycles and the main regional trends of tectonic vs eustatic sea level changes. High frequency cyclicity is also summarized in terms of parasequences especially for the Gzhelian stage, although the entire Pontebba Supergroup (Moscovian to Artinskian) was known for many decades as a classic cyclic sedimentation area.


Palaeogeographic maps, guidelines, legeng, low and high frequency cycles, tectonics, eustatism, parasequences, Gzhelian, correlation, Southern Alps, Adriatic Sea

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