Les Diplocynodon (Reptilia, Crocodylia) de l'Orléanien (Miocène inférieur à moyen) de France

Léonard GINSBURG & Christian BULOT

fr Geodiversitas 19 (1) - Pages 107-128

Published on 28 February 1997

The recent discovery of a complete skull of the crocodilian Diplocynodon in the continental sands of Bézian at La Romieu (Gers), the age of which is MN4, allows the specific determination of the Diplocynodon of the Orleanian time. It is identical to Diplocynodon styriacus of MN6. It differs chiefly from Diplocynodon ratelii from Saint Gérand-le-Puy (MN2a) by a slender, narrower snout. Diplocynodon is included in the Crocodylinae.


Reptilia, Crocodylia, Miocene, France, Tertiary, Europe

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